Choose the Right DWI Lawyer

Experienced DWI Defense Attorney Serving Conroe, the Woodlands, and Montgomery County

Judge's GavelAny lawyer can go to court and let you plead guilty. In order to get the best legal representation, you must have a DWI attorney who has tried cases to a jury, who does ONLY criminal defense, and who will put in the time needed to fight to win your case.

Steve Dennis has the experience and knowledge that you need. As a former Texas DPS driver’s license attorney, he has seen what it is like from the State’s point of view. As a defense attorney, he has been in court against almost all of the current Montgomery County prosecutors. Steve has helped many people avoid lifetime criminal convictions which could carry jail time, huge fines, loss of driver’s license, and more.

What type of DWI lawyer should you hire:

  1. Hire a lawyer with criminal jury trial experience.
  2. Hire a lawyer who only does criminal law.
  3. Hire a lawyer who does not have hundreds of cases and no time to devote to you.
  4. Hire a local lawyer who is knowledgeable of the Montgomery County DA’s and judges.
  5. Hire a lawyer that is not and has not been in trouble with the Texas State Bar, has not been arrested, or investigated by the district attorney’s office.

What Steve Dennis can do for you

  1. Get the case dismissed – The best result to a criminal case is a complete dismissal of all charges. This usually only occurs when the DA feels he will lose in a trial. If the DA knows the defense attorney is a skilled and experienced criminal lawyer, he may be inclined to dismiss the case rather than lose at trial.
  2. Get a “Not Guilty” verdict – If the DA won’t dismiss your case, you may have to take the case to trial. It is the DA’s job to prove your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt” to a judge or jury. Having the wrong lawyer in a trial can be disastrous. A jury trial is the most difficult part of a lawyer’s job and a proper defense and case evaluation before trial should be done only by a skilled trial attorney.
  3. Get the case dismissed and plea to a lesser offense – If the DA won’t completely let the case go, it is sometimes possible to have the case dismissed if the client pleads to a lesser or smaller offense.
  4. Get the best deal possible – If after a complete review of your case (police reports, videos, etc.) it is determined that your case cannot be dismissed or won at trial, it may be necessary to try and work out a deal for the least punishment possible. DA’s usually don’t give good plea bargain offers to lawyers they know don’t go to trial in criminal cases.

Depending on your charge, you may be eligible for a special type of probation called Deferred Adjudication that will result in the case being DISMISSED after the probation is over and no conviction on your record.

No lawyer can tell a client exactly what can be done on their case without knowing all the facts from both the client and the police. Every case is different. If you don’t decide to call Steve, find a defense attorney who will discuss your case with you for free before you go to court. Once you get to court and meet with the prosecutor alone, you may be in trouble.


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