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blank check and penA theft arrest or conviction will stay on your criminal record forever. Writing a hot check is considered theft. It is treated the same as any other type of theft.

Remember two important things about theft cases:

  1. Theft cases add up. If you are convicted once, the next time the penalty may increase even if the charge is the same. For example, if you have been convicted for shoplifting twice before and shoplift again, this time it may be a felony.
  2. A theft case is a crime of moral turpitude. It means you cannot be trusted and people cannot rely on your character or your word.

What Steve Dennis can do for you

  1. Get the charges dismissed – The best result to a theft case is a complete dismissal of all charges. This usually only occurs when the DA feels he will lose in a trial. If the DA knows the defense lawyer is a skilled and experienced trial lawyer, he may dismiss the case rather than lose at trial. Steve Dennis has been trying cases longer than any of the assistant DA’s currently prosecuting misdemeanor theft cases in Montgomery County Courts at Law.
  2. Get a “Not Guilty” verdict – If the DA won’t dismiss your case, you may have to take the case to trial. It is the DA’s job to prove your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt” to a judge or jury. Having the wrong lawyer in a theft trial can be disastrous. A trial is the most difficult part of a lawyer’s job and a proper defense and case evaluation before trial should be done only by a skilled trial attorney.
  3. Get the theft case dismissed and plea to a lesser offense – If the DA won’t completely let the case go, it is possible to have the theft case dismissed if the client pleas to class C theft (punishable by up to $500 fine only).
  4. Get the best deal possible – If after a complete review of your case it is determined that your case cannot be dismissed or won at trial, it may be necessary to try and work out a deal for the least punishment possible. DA’s usually don’t give good plea bargain offers to lawyers they know don’t try theft cases.

You may be eligible for a special type of probation called Deferred Adjudication that will result in the case being DISMISSED after the probation is over, no conviction on your record, and usually the ability to have your criminal record sealed.

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Case Results

No lawyer can tell a client exactly what can be done on their case without knowing all the facts from the client and the police. Every theft case is different, but here are a few recent examples of how Steve has helped beat theft cases here in Montgomery County:

Felony Theft DISMISSED Client accused of stealing ATV
Felony Theft DEFERRED ADJUDICATION Client stole over $85,000 from boss
Hot Check DISMISSED Client paid off checks and fees

* Many, many more hot check cases dismissed when client paid checks and fees.
** Every case is different and there is no guarantee made for any specific result.


Do not go into court without an experienced trial attorney.