Driving with a Suspended or Invalid License

Experienced Defense Lawyer Helping Drivers with Suspended Licenses in Conroe, The Woodlands and all of Montgomery County

Police Officer writing a ticketAs a defense attorney, Steve Dennis has helped many people not only get their cases dismissed, he has cooperated with the Texas DPS to fix their license problems. This gets you back on the road to driving legally again and avoids another DWLS arrest.

A DWLS or DWLI conviction brings many potential problems:

1st: fines and court costs of hundreds of dollars & possible jail time
2nd: surcharge from the Texas DPS of $750.00 (which, if not paid, suspends your license again)
3rd: another suspension
4th: an upgrade to a DWLS 2nd offense if caught driving on a suspended license again

What Steve Dennis can do for you

  1. Get the charges dismissed – The best result to an DWLS case is a complete dismissal of all charges. This usually only occurs when the DA feels he will lose in a trial. If the DA knows the defense lawyer is a skilled & experienced trial lawyer, he may dismiss the case rather than lose at trial. Steve  Dennis has been trying cases longer than any of the assistant DA’s currently prosecuting DWLS cases in Montgomery County.
  2. Get the case dismissed and plea to a lesser offense – If the DA won’t completely let the case go, it is possible to have the DWLS dismissed if the client pleas to no driver’s license, a class C misdemeanor (punishable by up to $500 fine only).
  3. Get the best deal possible – If after a complete review of your case it is determined that your case cannot be dismissed or won at trial, it may be necessary to try and work out a deal for the least punishment possible. DA’s usually don’t give good plea bargain offers to lawyers they know don’t try DWLS cases.

You may be eligible for a special type of probation called Deferred Adjudication that will result in the case being DISMISSED after the probation is over, no conviction on your record and usually no additional license suspension.

Steve can also determine if you are eligible for an occupational license, which can usually be obtained very quickly.


If you were charged with driving with a suspended license, call Steve today to discuss your case.


Do not go into court without an experienced trial attorney.